Principles of inheritance
Genotypic variation
Other forms of heritable variation
Quantitative variation and heritability
Novel sources of genetic variation
The practice of plant breeding
Breeding methods
Plant Breeders' rights
Plant breeders' rights (PBR)
New technologies for plant breeding
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Plant breeders' rights (PBR)

PBR is designed to give a financial return to the breeder. Without this, breeding can only be carried out if subsidized by the public sector.

Particularly for pure line varieties of self-pollinators and vegetatively propagated species, it is very easy for the farmer to keep a sample of seed, tubers etc. for planting the next year's crop (or even for sale to other farmers). PBR allows the breeder to collect a royalty from the sale of a crop composed of his variety.

PBR is only granted to a variety that can be distinguished from others, is stable over time, is uniform and is superior in some way (e.g., yields more highly, or has better end-use quality) to other varieties currently marketed.

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