Principles of inheritance
Mendelian inheritance
Incomplete Dominance
Nuclear vs plastid inheritance
Nuclear vs plastid inheritance (contd)
Quantitative inheritance
Genotypic variation
Other forms of heritable variation
Quantitative variation and heritability
Novel sources of genetic variation
The practice of plant breeding
Breeding methods
Plant Breeders' rights
New technologies for plant breeding
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Mendelian inheritance

Generally applies to qualitative characters

Some examples:

  • Is the plant resistant to fungus x or not?
  • Is the flower red or white?
  • Does the plant need a certain daylength to flower or not?
  • This situation arises when a trait is controlled by one (or a small number of ) "major" genes.

    There are many examples of this in breeding:

  • Disease resistance
  • Dwarfness
  • Flower colour
  • These characters are often quite easy for the breeder to handle by simply looking at the phenotype