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Board of Trustees

Dave Hoisington


Dr Dave Hoisington, Director of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, USA.

Gary Cornelius


Mr Gary Cornelius, Director and Senior Advisor at Leadenhall Corporate Advisory, in Adelaide, Australia.

Kanyawim Kirtikara


Dr Kanyawim Kirtikara is Vice President for Research Strategy at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), in Thailand, Bangkok.

Tabare Abadie


Dr Tabare Abadie is a Corteva Fellow at Corteva Agriscience, in Iowa, USA.

Kevin Pixley


Dr Kevin Pixley is Director of the Genetic Resources Program at the Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo (CIMMYT), in Texcoco, Mexico.

Shawn Sullivan

Secretary-Treasurer; non-voting member

The positions of Secretary and Treasurer are combined, and held by a non-voting member, Mr Shawn Sullivan, Attorney, based in Washington DC, USA.

Jean-Marcel Ribaut

Member ex officio

The IBP Director, is a Board member by right of office. 


Jean-Marcel Ribaut

IBP Director

Cumulating experience in agriculture biotechnology and plant science, as well as leadership skills for dispersed global R&D teams, Jean-Marcel has a particular interest in promoting modern breeding methods to hasten crop improvement in the developing world. His underlying motivation is to help to weave effective and interactive communities of crop researchers to bridge the gap between basic and applied agricultural science, working with developing-country partners as key actors to lead the research arena.

Jan Erik Backlund

Development Director

Jan Erik has had a life-long interest in adapting emerging technologies to the needs of plant breeding, and appreciates the importance of accurate and timely data handling. During his tenure in the seed industry, he had the opportunity to participate in the practical application of a number of newly available technologies including high-density genotyping, genomic selection, and machine learning. He now supports the continued development of the BMS with the IBP development team.

Valerie Boire

Communications & Knowledge Manager

Valérie enjoys perfecting her skills at every opportunity, especially in intercultural mediation and training methodologies. Her deep love for knowledge and people-first attitude have brought her to work all over the world for organizations in both the private and public sectors. She now leverages on this experience to find creative solutions at the confluence of IT, marketing, and international development to promote the IBP, and facilitate knowledge sharing among stakeholders.

Mariano Crimi

Product Manager

Mariano has undertaken a variety of roles in the software development sector for a wide range of industries, giving him great insight in all of its aspects, from the very technical to the managerial. He now manages BMS development, overseeing the activities of an international team of developers, with the profound belief that data – and, specifically, data-inferred insights – can make a concrete difference in the world. In parallel, Mariano is pursuing postgraduate studies in Data Science.

Graham McLaren

Global Deployment Manager

Growing up in Africa, the need for agricultural research to power development and food security seemed obvious to Graham, and he soon realized that this effect could be compounded by the better use of statistics. During his career, he has consistently supported plant breeding programs with experimental design, analysis, information management and decision support. As Deployment Manager for the IBP, he supports institutions toward the digitalization of their breeding practices.

Staff & Advisors

Abhishek Rathore

ICRISAT Hub Representative

Adriana Santiago

Financial Officer

Aida Martinez

Administrative Assistant

Clarissa Pimentel

Deployment Officer, lead for Asia

Corina de Luna Habito

Regional Deployment Manager, Europe

Daniel Fonceka

CORAF/CERAAS Hub Representative

Fernando Rojas Torres

BMS Support Specialist

Gorgui Alioune Mbow

Regional Deployment Manager, West & Central Africa

Hermann Some

BMS Support Specialist

Julian Pietragalla

Regional Deployment Manager, Americas

Mable Mulanya

BMS Support Specialist

Manilal William

Breeding Specialist

Michel Ragot

Technical Advisor

Peter Ninnes

Managerial Advisor

Robin Wilson

Breeding Specialist, lead for Australia & New Zealand

Rowena Tulod

BMS Support Specialist

Shawn Yarnes

Consultant, Technical & Support Documentation

Stewart Andrews

Commercial Advisor, CEO of VSNi

Susana Peredo Velazquez

Executive Assistant

Trushar Shah

IITA Hub Representative

William Eusebio

BMS Support Specialist

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