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About VSNi for IBP

VSNi provide both statistical software and experimental design software for biosciences and is a world leader in analysis solutions for plant breeding activities. Designed by statisticians, our products meet the ever changing demands of researchers, scientists, analysts and breeders looking for exceptional decision making solutions that can accommodate increasingly large and complex datasets. Their highly trusted products; Genstat, ASReml and CycDesigN among others, are well established and essential components in breeding programs around the world.

VSNi and IBP have been collaborative partners since 2011 and together have developed Breeding View, a statistical analysis module, based on the solid analytical engine of Genstat to work exclusively with BMS Pro. Genstat is a world leading statistical analysis tool used and trusted by those particularly in plant breeding. Breeding View allows for rapid phenotypic and genotypic analyses of field trial observations. It offers an alternative easy user interface to Genstat which delivers a vast range of statistical techniques for both the novice and the experienced user.  

The partnership with VSNi started as a technical collaboration but quickly evolved with VSNi taking on a commercial role too. The commercial side is a very important part to the long term sustainability plans for IBP and the BMS. VSNi manage all the commercial aspects from providing technical user support to licensing and commercial sales.

As the world leader in data analysis solutions, VSNi has a thriving global user base providing their users with highly valued, instantly accessible and intuitively usable world leading analytical software. With a vison to see the challenges of global food production eradicated through the effective application of data, analytics and technology, VSNi  continue to develop statistical software.

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