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We facilitate technology adoption

Technology adoption requires a shift in perspective.

Most of the people we've worked with have all sorts of personal systems and habits in place to manage their data, ranging for the pen & paper notebook and Excel files, to generic databases, or somewhat more sophisticated desktop applications.

We understand your need to keep full control of your data. You don't want to be locked in: your system should allow you to keep access to your data in perpetuity, and to use other tools complementarily.

We also believe you would want to have it centralized for institutional memory, yet flexible enough to allow breeders to still work autonomously. You need to ensure data security and confidentiality, all the while enabling the possibility to share data with colleagues and collaborators in determined circumstances. You sometimes contend with technological limitations in terms of infrastructure or abilities, but hope to integrate the latest methods and tools nonetheless, to keep the pace with advances on the international scene. 

All of this is possible now through digitalization, when supported by suitable tools, services, resources and, perhaps most importantly, the mindset to change.

We accompany organizations in their shift to electronic data capture, in making better use of information systems, in integrating marker technologies, and in ensuring data security even while enabling team collaboration.

Visit these pages to learn more about BMS Pro – our custom-built system to address the very specific needs of plant breeders in data management. Our team of experts is also available to help you with training, system installation, data management and technical support.

We also invite you to consult our vast portfolio of projects and networks, and to explore the many ways in which we could work together to support breeding modernization and digitalization in the developing world.

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