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Colorado State University Plant Breeding for Drought Tolerance Online Course

March 1, 2013

A ten-week online course, Plant Breeding for Drought Tolerance, is planned to be offered at Colorado State University from August 20th to October 26th, 2012. The course will focus on plant breeding strategies and practices directed toward improving plant performance in moisture-stressed environments. Concepts for this intensive, one-credit graduate level course include:

  •     Understanding the target environment
  •     Determining which phenotypic traits to use in selection practices
  •     Understanding transgenic approaches
  •     Learning from successful examples of improving drought tolerance in a variety of crops
  •     Integrating techniques learned in the course into a breeding or research program strategy
  •     Reviewing quantitative trait locus analysis for drought tolerance

 For more information about the online course, visit the course web page after 1st May 2012. To be added to the course contact list, please send an email to Annie Heiliger.

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