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Symposium: Breeding genetically modified animals for food production

June 11, 2014

This event is organised by Mistra Biotech, an interdisciplinary research programme focusing on the use of biotechnology for sustainable and competitive agriculture.


Genetically modified (GM) animals are common in medical research and they are also used for production of pharmaceuticals. Examples from pigs, cows, poultry and fish show that it is feasible to apply GM technologies to farm animals. There are, however, many questions to be answered regarding the possibilities and difficulties with such breeding work. Which ethical questions need to be raised? Would GM animals result in a larger genetic progress than non-GM animals? Do we need to further explore breeding programmes for GM farm animals?

This symposium provides an opportunity to learn more about breeding GM farm animals, to allow a further discussion of its pros and cons.


Register here no later than June 16. 

The symposium will take place at Norrlands Nation in Uppsala, Sweden.

There is no cost for participation. Coffee and lunch are free to those that register, but will be charged to those who do not attend and fail to cancel their registration.

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See the event's webpage for the full programme

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