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Phenotypic Prediction Workshop - University of Florida, Forest Genomics Lab

July 24, 2014

This workshop will include live streaming online; 
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About the workshop:

Many important traits in livestock, agriculture and human health have a quantitative genetic inheritance. Great advances have been achieved in genetics and statistics, which provided analytical methodologies (i.e. genome-wide prediction) that permit a better understanding and prediction of these complex traits. The objective of this workshop is to present and discuss recent results and theoretical developments of statistical models used to predict the phenotype of complex traits using genomic data. We welcome you to attend four talks that will include results from humans, trees, crops and livestock.

Target audience:

The workshop target audience is faculty, students, researchers and breeders working with plant, animal or human genomic data. This includes plant and animal breeders evaluating phenotype prediction for cultivar/animal performance (i.e. yield, disease) and human geneticists/biologists studying complex traits (i.e. prediction of disease incidence). The workshop speakers represent a broad spectrum of disciplines.

For the full programme, please visit the event’s web page:

Registration for on-site attendance (University of Florida): 

Contact: Marcio Resende ( or Patricio Munoz ( with questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss phenotypic prediction.

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