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9th University of Sydney Workshop on QTL Mapping and Breeding Simulation

March 1, 2013

The University of Sydney, Australia, Plant Breeding Institute, 107 Cobbitty Rd., Cobbitty NSW 2570, will be hosting the 9th Workshop on QTL Mapping and Breeding Simulation from the 7th to the 9th of March 2012.

Workshop Topics
Through lectures, discussions and practical sessions , the workshop will focus on:

  • Plant breeding methodology
  • Applied quantitative genetics
  • Estimation of recombination between two linked loci
  • Construction of genetic linkage maps
  • Principles of QTL mapping and statistical comparison of different mapping methods
  • Identification of quantitative trait genes
  • QTL by environment analysis
  • Modeling of plant breeding
  • Comparison and optimization of plant breeding strategies
  • Integration of known gene information into conventional plant breeding

Primary Resource Persons

  • Dr. Richard Trethowan, The University of Sydney
  • Dr. Jiankang Wang, CIMMYT China and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Dr. Luyan Zhang, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Target Audience
The workshop is targetted at graduate students, plant geneticists and plant breeders in Australia who are interested in applied quantitative genetics, linkage analysis, linkage map construction, QTL mapping, simulation and optimization of breeding strategies. Participants should be familiar with basic methods in plant genetics, plant breeding and statistics.

Workshop Costs
There will be no charge for the workshop, and lunches will be provided by The University of Sydney.However, each participant will have to cover his/her own travelling and accommodation expenses.

Note: Each participant must bring a laptop computer that can run Microsoft Windows applications. A USB memory stick will be distributed at the beginning of the workshop, containing the lecture presentations, QTL IciMapping integrated software V3.2, QU-GENE simulation tools, exercises and answers, etc.

Registration and Enquiries
Registration forms (attached) must be sent to Professor Richard Trethowan:

  • email:
  • Phone: +61 2 9351 8860
  • Fax: +61 2 9351 8875
  • Mobile: +61 400 320 558

Deadline: 25th of  February 2012.

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