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Integrated Breeding Multi-Year Course continues in 2014

March 27, 2014
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The Integrated Breeding Multi-Year Course (IB-MYC) is designed to promote and enable the adoption of modern molecular breeding strategies and breeding informatics tools to facilitate the management of breeding programmes in developing countries.

The three-years training programme is now entering its final workshop cycle of three sessions to be held in Zaragoza, Spain. The first session will take place with participants mainly from West Africa and some few others from East Africa and South and South East Asia, on May 19-30. The second session on September 15-26 and the third session on November 3-14 will reunite participants from all four regions: Eastern and Southern Africa, West Central Africa, North Africa and South and South East Asia.

The trainees are practising senior, middle-level and upcoming breeders and scientists who are eager to apply new methodologies, employ informatics tools and enhance their research leadership competencies to advance their research programmes. In 2014, they will have cumulatively added up to six weeks of intensive face-to-face training workshops supported by online and other resources made available through the Integrated Breeding Platform portal.

The IB-MYC started in April 2012, with a first cycle of three sessions held respectively in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, in Zaragoza, Spain and in Wageningen, The Netherlands, where 170 trainees have joined the training. The training programme was pursued in 2013 with three more sessions held in Zaragoza, Spain. The IB-MYC has imparted this recurring group of scientists with essential skills in molecular breeding, data management and statistical analysis that they are now able to apply in their respective stations.  

The provisional outline of the Year 3 curriculum is available here.

For more information about other upcoming workshops, contact Ndeye Ndack Diop, Capacity-building Theme Leader, or Arllet Portugal, IBP Data Management Leader. Please note that registration of new participants will not be possible for this IB-MYC training cycle but that some of the material from past sessions is available in the Capacity Building section of the IBP portal. 

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