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BMS version 2.1: an intermediate release

May 13, 2014

The IBP today releases an improved version of the Breeding Management System (BMS). This intermediate release (version 2.1) brings improvements to usability and refinements to functionality from the previous version released in January.

Highlights of version 2.1 consist of:

  • a redesigned List Manager and Crossing Manager tool that provide significant usability improvements;
  • enhancements to the report output for Multi-Site Analysis;
  • new features in the GDMS toolset;
  • improvements to the tool for loading historical nursery and trial data and
  • usability improvements to the BMS administrative screens.

“In this release, we have evolved the List Manager and Crossing Manager tools based on input from our users and taken a step towards improved efficiency by introducing the ability to save and re-use settings for making crosses. This is a theme that we have heard loud and clear from our users and we will be carrying it into the Nursery and Trial Management tools in our next major release this summer”, comments Jean Phillips, application designer at Efficio Technology Services, a software development partner of the IBP.

This intermediate version will be followed in the summer of 2014 with a major release, providing a truly professional, robust and complete system. At this time, users will be able to enjoy more substantial enhancements, such as a simplified registration and installation process; enhanced performance and speed across applications; integrated web applications for trial and nursery management and seed inventory capability… Stay tuned!

Until then, the Breeding Management System v.2.1 offers some very interesting new features to facilitate the user experience and is now available on the IBP portal at:

Please send in any comments or queries directly to the IBP Team at

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