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Leadership and management roles for IBP project adjusted

March 1, 2013

Xavier Delannay, GCP Integrated Crop Breeding Theme Leader has taken on an additional role as GCP Director of Research and is taking lead of the IBP Project Management Team. In the latter role he will be supported from an administrative point by Fred Okono, our Information Manager and portal development lead. Xavier will ensure a tight link between the different user cases and the development of the tools and services of the Integrated Breeding Platform.



Graham McLaren, who has been the IBP Project Leader,  is relocating to Canada and will continue in his capacity as GCP Theme Leader for Crop Information Systems. Graham will continue to play a critical role in the IBP project, specifically overseeing the development and implementation of the configurable workflow system from a technical perspective and being the focal point for the collaboration with Efficio, a private contractor that has joined the project. Graham will also continue to chair the CWS Implementation Team.


The development and deployment of the IBP Database (for both phenotyping and genotyping data) will be spearheaded by Arllet Portugal in her new role as IBP Data Management Leader. In this role, she will lead the development and implementation of all IBP data management activities and related capacity building interventions.



Mark Sawkins has joined the team as IBP Configurable Workflow System Manager, and will oversee the design, testing and deployment of the CWS from a user perspective, ensuring that the system and the tools embedded in it (both standalone and web-based) meet the needs and expectations of the users and are easy to use. Mark is working in close collaboration with Delphine Fleury, who in 2012 will spend about 25% of her time on IBP issues – focusing on the design, functionality and testing of some key selected tools of the configurable workflow, particularly the analysis and decision support applications.


In addition to her work with Mark, Delphine Fleury will also continue to work in with Fred on the development and implementation of the IBP web portal, particularly on facilitating access to both the web-based and standalone informatics tools of the configurable workflow system.

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