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IBP website: more integration with LGC services

December 1, 2014

The Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) originated as an initiative of the Generation Challenge Programme (GCP), a time-bound programme created by CGIAR in 2003 with the mission to use genetic diversity and advanced plant science to improve crops by adding value to breeding for drought-prone and harsh environments. A strong partnership was established with LGC during GCP's mandate, both organisations sharing tremendous common values and objectives. GCP will be closing in December 2014, but there is great hope that the partnership will go on as strong as ever between LGC and the IBP.

Darshna Vyas, Project Manager at LGC comments:  “The IBP is going to be useful for a lot of people. As it grows, I think it will have a very significant influence on crop development on a global scale. I am very proud of what we have achieved so far with GCP and am looking forward to our continued collaboration with the IBP.”

As such, LGC has its own page in the IBP website from which registered users will be able to access the firm’s genotyping services directly. In fact, users will find more interactive tools on the IBP website over the coming months, so that they may experience better integration in accessing LGC services. A whole series of publicly available assays that have been validated over time by client organisations will also be added to LGC’s assay tool.

"Our partnership with LGC has enabled us to introduce scores of developing country crop breeders to marker-assisted approaches that are more efficient and cost effective. LGC understands the outsourced genotyping model we are promoting for our partners, and are just as keen to see it succeed. A close integration of our two websites will facilitate seamless access to LGC services for IBP users, a big boost for our drive for advanced crop breeding approaches where they are most needed and guaranteed to have great impact." concludes Fred Okono, IBP Information Manager.

Visit the IBP page on the LGC website.

Visit the LGC page on the IBP website.

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