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IBP Board appointed

December 8, 2014
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The IBP Board met at the Villas Arqueológicas in Teotihuacan, Mexico, from 2-3 December, to elect members to their respective positions, review and approve articles of incorporation, bylaws and other agreements and to meet with IBP Management and key staff to discuss plans for the next phase of the IBP.

As a result, the following Board of Trustees has now taken office to oversee and advise on management of the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP):

  • Chair of the Board: Dr David Hoisington, Director of the USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Peanut Productivity and Mycotoxin Control at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA.
  • Vice-chair: Mr Gary Cornelius, Director and Senior Advisor at Leadenhall Corporate Advisory, in Adelaide, Australia.
  • Dr Kanyawim Kirtikara is Executive Director at the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), in Thailand, Bangkok.
  • Dr Tabare Abadie is Senior Research Manager in Crop Genetics Research and Development at DuPont Pioneer, in Iowa, USA.
  • Dr Kevin Pixley is Director of the Genetic Resources Program at the Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo (CIMMYT), in Texcoco, Mexico.
  • Board member ex officio: The IBP Director is a Board member by right of office. Dr Jean-Marcel Ribaut has been confirmed in this role.

The positions of Secretary and Treasurer have been combined and will be held by a non-voting member, Mr Shawn Sullivan, Attorney, based in Washington DC, USA.

From left to right: Dr Tabare Abadie, Mr Gary Cornelius, Dr Jean-Marcel Ribaut, Dr Kevin Pixley,
Dr David Hoisington, Dr Kanyawim Kirtikara.

“This first meeting was a great success and has gotten the next phase of the IBP off to an excellent start. All Board members are excited about the prospects for the IBP serving the needs of many potential clients around the world, and from their respective inputs during the meeting demonstrated their commitment to making the IBP a success”, shares Dr David Hoisington, Chair of the Board.

Board members bring a wide range of experience and expertise, including multinational and private sector experience in crop improvement; software development for agriculture; agricultural research for development; corporate governance; and finance and administration. They also have an interesting background in not-for-profit organisations and developing countries, combined with experience with start-up ventures and private-public partnerships.

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