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Getting better and better

March 1, 2013

The Integrated Breeding Portal,IBP’s window to the world, continues to grow and improve.

A user friendly database Query Interface has been implemented for 6 of the crops – bean, cassava, cowpea, maize, rice, and wheat; conveniently accessible from the appropriate Crop Information page. Trait dictionaries for all the nine crops are downloadable from each of their respective pages, alongside other useful information.

Two tools are now in beta-version, and are being made available for download through the portal – the Integrated Breeding Fieldbook and OptiMAS. Some R Scripts are also available for download for the expert user, as these are yet to be wrapped in a graphical user interface. They are for using mixed-models in single-environment and multi-environments analyses of QTL and require the installation of CRAN and knowledge of R command-line language.

We have made additions to the Learning Resources under Capacity building, with new materials for Mixed model QTL detection and links to World Intellectual Property Organisation training courses, amongst other materials. We intend to continue growing these resources – check back from time to time for the latest offerings.

We have now added a Communities homepage which will provide a quick look at information pertinent to the community – news, links, events, quick facts & figures on the community crop and a digest of the most recent postings on the community pages. We are also working to enhance the customizability of the community pages, giving each community opportunity to highlight their materials of choice on their home page.

We have also added a bibliographic module, accessible through the Publications link on the right hand panel on each community page, which enables uploading of publications from members in an easy and convenient manner. In fact, where the publication has a Digital Object Identifier, or such other reference identity, it can be uploaded at one go! Where the author is a registered user of the portal, the publication will be automatically added to their user profile.

Most importantly, please register as a user on the Portal and join a community, by simply going to the community page and clicking on the Enroll button. Registering on the portal will provide you access to information, tools and services only accessible to registered users. Enrolling in a community will enable you to originate posts on the community pages and join discussions happening there. You will also receive updates on news, events and posts of interest.

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