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IBP in South & South-East Asia

March 12, 2015

Now in its Phase II (2015 to 2019), the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) seeks to support the modernisation of plant breeding programmes in the developing countries of South & South East Asia, to enhance genetic gain and to produce crops with better yield and quality.

In this context, Dr Jean-Marcel Ribaut, IBP Director, launched the year touring the region to reaffirm and consolidate this commitment. The following articles recount the important strides made with our partners in China (ICSCAAS), Thailand (Biotec), and India (ICRISAT).

>>> IBP Regional Hub confirmed in China (ICSCAAS)

>>> IBP Hub in India (ICRISAT): From lessons learnt to new beginnings

>>> IBP Hub in Thailand (BIOTEC) drives BMS implementation through intensive training

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