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OptiMAS – beta version 1.0 released!

March 1, 2013

The first user-ready version of OptiMAS is now available! The new version features numerous enhancements both in functionality and user-friendliness – faster data processing, greater interoperability with other tools, and an enhanced graphical display, among other features:

  • The algorithm to compute genotypic probabilities runs 2 to 3 times faster.
  • The input file has been changed to the Flapjack format for greater interoperability with other Integrated Breeding Configurable Workflow System tools
  • The visualization of results is greatly improved - all information is accessible from the main window and the probabilities can be automatically coloured to facilitate the identification of plants carrying favourable alleles.
  • QTL Complementation Selection (QCS) method has been added for selection of individuals. This function takes into account complementarities at QTL of candidates to prevent the loss of favourable alleles.
  • It is now possible to cross one list to another using a factorial design. Options have been added to take into account experimental constraints on the number of crosses to be made and the contribution of selected plants to the next generation.

Please let us know about problems, bugs, feature requests and any other comments you may have by clicking on the Add new comment link on the OptiMAS page on the IBP portal, from where you can also download the new improved version. You may also contact Fabio Valente directly. Remember, you may only download the tool and post comments and suggestions if you register as a user of the Portal.

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