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Happy New Year from the IBP Director

January 8, 2017
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Dear IBP Community,

As we usher in the New Year, I want to update you on the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) and its core product, the Breeding Management System (BMS).

First, we have been successful in developing a robust web-based BMS version 4.0, a network solution for institutions shifting from desktop standalone users to managing their data collectively on a local (LAN) or web server (BMS v3.09 remains available for individual users to download from our portal). A technical fact sheet for v4 is available here on our website.

Secondly, we should acknowledge that we now have more than 1000 scientists and technicians who have been exposed to the BMS, mainly in developing countries, with at least a third of them using the BMS routinely as their day-to-day breeding platform. In Africa, our primary target region, a significant number of institutes in national programmes across a dozen countries have committed to adopting the BMS. This level of commitment is a key and necessary driver in creating the demand and momentum for change, and we look forward to working with you to fully realise the potential for the BMS to make significant enhancements to your plant breeding programmes.

The key to sustainable adoption is good support and I am happy to report that our revised deployment strategy includes more presence on the ground and the identification of Regional Deployment Managers to provide better coverage and coordination of activities across the different target regions around the globe. In Africa, in particular, we are expanding our user support services with a number of regional placements of support staff, both at our Regional Hubs and in key partner institutes, while support in Asia will be coordinated between hubs and a public private partnership with our commercial partner, VSNi.

I expect the IBP to take great strides forward in 2017. Thank you for your continued interest and engagement with us in seeing this happen; the IBP team remains entirely committed to working with you in the coming year to achieve new heights in plant breeding efficiency.

On behalf of the whole IBP team, I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!

Jean-Marcel Ribaut
IBP Director

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