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March 1, 2013
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It is just about two months since the Integrated Breeding web portal went live at In this period just about one hundred members have registered and joined various crop communities, some of which are already witnessing some traffic in member postings and discussions.

The crop databases (and other useful information) are now conveniently accessible and downloadable from the crop Information pages of the portal, and a query interface is under development for each to enhance the user experience. Convenient links have been provided to useful capacity building resources. However, we still have some way to go.

Many of the tools of the configurable workflow are still under development but will become available for download via the Breeding Activities pages of the portal in the coming months – with notifications sent out as they become ready for user testing. These pages however already provide useful information on and access to breeding schemes and third party open source informatics tools.

We encourage you to register on the portal and get involved by making posts and comments on the community pages. For help with registration, you can download Registering and Joining a Crop Community, and for guidance on the community blogs, download Making a Post at the bottom of this page. And please send your feedback (much desired!) to Fred Okono.

Note: The Integrated Breeding Platform Portal is best viewed via an HTML 5 Browser such as Internet Explorer 9, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

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