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Planning for Phase II of the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP)

February 14, 2014

Planning for Phase II of the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) initiative is proceeding apace. The initiative will survive the pre-planned closure of the Generation Challenge Programme at the end of this year, and ongoing activities to secure this include the following:

  • Call for formal offers to host the IBP’s future headquarters: interested and qualified organisations have until midnight, Mexico City Time, on the 15th February 2014, to submit their offer online.
  • Transition Taskforce Meeting: the Generation Challenge Programme’s Transition Taskforce will meet in Paris, France, from 25th to 27th February, 2014, to evaluate the bids received for hosting the IBP, and also make recommendations on the governance, management and operational structures of its post-GCP future.
  • Updating of the portal: additions and improvements to the IBP Portal are ongoing, intended to facilitate easier navigation and access to key tools and services. Visit us on the Portal, and also like IBP’s Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to keep abreast of developments.

For any queries, please email us at or use our other contact details

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