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IBP Team launches version 2.0 of the Breeding Management System

February 17, 2014
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On Friday, January 31, 2014, the IBP Team released a new and

improved version of the Breeding Management System (BMS – formerly known as the Integrated Breeding Workflow System).

Since the public launch of the BMS in June 2013, the IBP Team and its long-standing partner Efficio Technology Services have worked tirelessly to reengineer processes and design new features that address the crop breeders’ real needs. Version 2.0 of the BMS provides improved data processing functionality, fluid ergonomics to enhance user experience and new tools and navigation that better align with day-to-day breeding activities.

“I am very proud of this new release. Tools related to activities at the heart of a breeding programme, such as the List Manager, where searching and list creation capabilities are improved, really brings it all together in ways that address what’s truly important to users,” comments Jean Phillips, Project Manager at Efficio Technology Services.

Since its inception, the IBP team has developed several sources of input from a cross-section of breeders and others selected in the GCP community, to gather insight on how to improve the Breeding Management System. This input has proven invaluable in development efforts. Dr Jean-Marcel Ribaut, Director of the Generation Challenge Programme and Chair of the IBP Leadership Team explains: 

“Based on the feedback we got from our partners in CG Centres and National Programmes (…) we completely reorganised the different functions from what was a functional design to what is now an operational design that corresponds to a breeding programme. (…) As of today, with this BMS version 2.0, we can say that 90 percent of all the functionalities that breeders need in their day-to-day operations are available”.

Notwithstanding this great stride forward, the IBP Team is sparing no efforts in continuous development. The year 2014 will remain a year for conceiving and testing new features and proofing processes, in what will surely be another show of programmatic innovation.

Among other enhancements projected for future releases in 2014, users will find support for cloud-based implementation, refinements to the user interface of browser-based tools, integrated template management and seamless integration of nursery and trial management into the web-based workbench environment. 

Anyone interested in these breeding informatics tools and relishing the opportunity to have impact on their shaping and polishing is welcome to join the BMS User Community and to provide feedback. The Breeding Management System v.2.0 is now available for registered users on the IBP portal at and any comments or queries can be sent directly to the IBP Team at

“2014 is still an implementation year and we will need as many users as possible… [If they] want to have an impact on tool development, this is the right time,” concludes Dr Ribaut.



More on the Breeding Management System

An increasing amount of data is produced every breeding season and there is often little turnaround time to make decisions on what will be selected in the next generation. Thanks to increased data processing speed and more precision in decision- making, the Breeding Management System was conceived to make breeding programme management more efficient. It is a comprehensive suite of interconnected breeding informatics tools specifically designed to help breeders manage their activities throughout all development phases of their breeding programmes. It can handle queries for either, or both, phenotypic or genotypic datasets, providing all the tools they need in just one place. Review the documents attached below to get a quick view of some of the Breeding Management System’s core functionalities.

About the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP)

The Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) is a web-based solution for crop breeders, where registered users can access purpose-built tools to manage plant breeding projects, obtain support and consulting services, find new knowledge, access training resources and discuss pertinent issues with their peers in various communities of practice. Register now at

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