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The IBP works directly and very actively with national programs, universities and local networks across the developing world, and especially so in Africa. We believe more resources and focus should be driven by and for them, as they are the ones in position to lead the agricultural research efforts needed to achieve food security.  As a trusted broker of expertise and services, the IBP strives to bridge their needs and objectives with the overarching, system-led plans envisioned by international donors and research organizations.  

We have created a clear momentum for regional collaboration over the last few years. The methodologies are there, the breeding opportunities are real, and a new generation of breeders is rising, representing a tremendous opportunity to foster the cultural change needed to adopt new technologies. This said, there is still a long way to go to achieve the full digitalization of breeding programs, and to implement effective institutional policies for effective data management. This mid-to-long-term effort is in continuous need of investment, partnerships and vision.

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