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EBCA aims to enhance plant breeding capacity in Africa

Our vision is to see local farmers have access to more and better varieties, and thus contribute to food security and poverty alleviation through increased yields and household income.


EBCA in few words

IFAD has allocated funds to the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) and AfricaRice, spanning three years (2019-2021), for the demand-driven crop improvement of groundnut and rice in Ghana, Senega​​​l, and Uganda. The project aims to strengthen the breeding capacity of partners within their national agricultural plans. They will be developing and disseminating improved crop cultivars that have characteristics that meet farmer and consumer demand, and that can help mitigate agro-ecological challenges, including biotic and abiotic stresses. Ultimately, this will lead to the adoption of ‘fit-for-purpose’ varieties, increasing small-holder productivity and income in the 3 target countries. The project expects to benefit 10,000/country smallholder farmers directly (in total 30,000 over the three countries); with stakeholders working across the crop value chain as attendant beneficiaries (seed dealers, distributors and producers).

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