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Description - MAGIC Populations


MAGIC (Multi-parent Advanced Generation Inter-Crosses) is an experimental method that increases the precision in mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL). The highly recombined germplasm can be used directly as source materials for the extraction and development of breeding lines and varieties adapted to different environments. The increased recombination in MAGIC populations can lead to novel rearrangements of alleles and greater genotypic diversity.  Using elite lines as founders, 4 multi-parent populations were developed: indica MAGIC (8 indica parents); MAGIC plus (8 indicaparents with two additional rounds of 8-way F1 inter-crossing); japonica MAGIC (8 japonica parents); and Global MAGIC (16 parents – 8 indica and 8 japonica). All the 16 parents are improved varieties with desirable traits for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, yield, and grain quality.