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Supporting Information - Diversity Reference Collection - Sorghum


Genotypic Information

From a composite set of more than 3000 accessions, a reference set of 384 accessions was then defined for allele mining which captured 78% of alleles (615 alleles) produced in composite germplasm collection. This set consisting of 23 wild, 4 advanced cultivars, 25 breeding materials and 332 landraces. At present seed for 375 accessions are available. The average gene diversity among the reference set is 0.713 with an average PIC value 0.679, which is equal to global composite collection.  


The SSR markers used to genotype the composite genebank collection by which the reference collection is derived are available. The reference kit results from the formation of the Sorghum Reference Set from a composite set of  3384 sorghum accessions and is composed of 48 SSRs with a sequence list, and allele sizes of markers.  Access the detailed list at

Supporting Information

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